1. Don’t be a dick

Please, no. Share your opinions and ideas, but if you are purposely being a douchecanoe, you will get banned. Ban period will vary from 1 day to 1 month.

2. Don’t spam

It’s simple. Spamming ban period:

First Offense: 1 hour ban per spam post or comment.

Second Offense: 3 hour ban per spam post or comment.

Third Offense: 7 hour ban per spam post or comment.

Fourth Offense: 1 day ban per spam post or comment.

Fifth Offense: 1 year ban.

If you get your first offense, it will take you 1 week to go back down to 0 offenses. For two offenses, two weeks. For three, three weeks. If you get four or more offenses, it will never go away.

3. If You Are An Admin

Dismissing comments or banning someone from Countersteer is not allowed unless you have my permission. If you try to do that, you will be instantly demoted to author.


What You Can Do

  1. Share as much as you like!
  2. Post different posts as much as you like. If you post and repost the same thing, that’ll get you a Spam Offense.
  3. Really anything except what’s on the list above.