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Dear enthusiasts: thank the beige-mobiles.

Almost every automaker has a volume seller, they flood dealerships, they look boring, they drive boring, they are boring. These cars are the moneymakers for the automakers. These cars are generally unloved by many enthusiasts because they are not manual, they have Cvts that whir along in traffic. The enthusiasts say things like, “WHY DID YOU BUY THIS WHEN YOU COULD HAVE HAD A DIESEL MANUAL WAGON INSTEAD”! But I have a confession, these cars are some of my favorite cars on the road, not because I have a secret love for Cvts, not because of the lines that look like designers had to average out every line of every car from the last decade. But because these cars fuel the automakers. If it wasn’t for the accords, there would be no civic Si, if it wasn’t for the fusion, there wouldn’t be the wonderful fiesta St, if not for the Jettas and Passats, the Gti and golf R wouldn’t be here. The beige mobiles fund the sports cars and the drivers cars. So we should thank the Fusions and Accords, the Jettas and Passats.


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