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Time started writing: 6:51 AM, July 17th, 2016

Live Updates:

I logged on to Garry’s Mod to play some TTT at about 6:30 this morning. When I got into Garry’s Mod, it said could not authenticate or something. When I opened up Steam, I found I had a comment notification. Every time I clicked it, I would get this screen.


This screen would never stop appearing. So I went to a steamstatus website to see If steam was down.

Turns out, steam totally failed.


I have no clue why steam just shit it’s pants, but I hope they get back to fixing it immediately. Page for steamstatus if you want it.

I checked steam’s twitter, all seems fine there. What is going on? I can watch YouTube but I can’t launch steam? Must be down.


7:05 AM, July 17, 2016

Steam seems to be back online. steamstatus tiwtter confirms there was a huge steam crash. I hope to see more soon.


This is how steam looks right now.


BIG Crash. Hope this gets better. Seems like there was a really small crash beforehand, but then the big one came. This is all interesting.

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